KC's Summer Camps are Amazing!

KC's Summer Camps are Amazing!

Yes, even if I do say so myself.  Today I am sitting in the quiet aftermath of our first day of four weeks of summer camps --that couple of precious hours between the morning kids camp and the afternoon/evening classes for all of our age groups.  It’s my time to recharge and work on the school administrative stuff before students come for their tae kwon do classes.  I’m finally cooled off and have a few moments to think about why this morning’s first day of summer camp was so incredible and how it is setting the tone for students and myself for an amazing summer!

Our beginner camps center around the Martial Arts Athlete and learning what that’s all about -- that we are fast, strong, respectful, confident athletes who never give up, always push hard to do our best, stay inspired – and oh yeah, we also learn self-defense.  Today’s session included mostly kids who have never been in martial arts before.  And boy, does it take a lot of being fast, strong, respectful, confident teachers to get them to understand and do the same.  I’m exhausted!  But guess what!? It’s totally worth it.  I give it my all, so I can help others to understand how to do it also.  I’m positive all the time, so I can help others to be positive.  In one day, they learned so much and were able to already perform a small form with power and a basic self-defense with confidence.  But beyond the basic moves, they learned some basics in life – honesty, respect, friendship…and most of all, they learned that Martial Arts Athletes have fun, too!  We laughed a lot and made friends along the way.

I’m feeling great after this morning and can’t wait to continue on in the amazing summer experiences at KC’s!

Make everyday a great one! ~ Master Conover

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