Big Wins with KC's Graduation!

Big Wins with KC's Graduation!

Let's talk KC’s Family Tae Kwon Do – it’s not just about nailing that perfect kick or mastering self-control. There’s something incredibly heartwarming and unique happening at KC’s that goes beyond our day-to-day classes. It's the buzz of graduation ceremonies and testing weeks.

More than Just a Day
Picture a dance season – after months of practice, students get to shine in a grand recital. Or think of football, where all the training culminates in exhilarating games. At KC’s, our 'big game days' are our graduation ceremonies. These are the golden moments where our martial artists get to showcase the skills they’ve been refining tirelessly.

KC's Unique Touch
KC's Family Tae Kwon Do is a year-round adventure, and unlike other sports or activities, we have only four extraordinary graduation events per year. These are our 'grand slams,' the vibrant milestones that our students set their sights on.


Igniting Motivation and Inspiration
Here at KC’s, graduation ceremonies are transformative. They're powerful engines of motivation and inspiration. As our students prepare for these pivotal events, they're fine-tuning their skills and eagerly aiming for the next level. And when they stand tall at the ceremony, with a brand-new belt in hand, it's the most heartfelt salute to their dedication.

That cheering crowd of family and friends? Pure magic. It’s a moment that not only swells their hearts but elevates their confidence in their Tae Kwon Do journey and beyond.

Let’s Rally for the Big Day!
With belt testing week in classes near the end of each quarter and the grand graduation ceremony at the end of the test week, let’s spark that excitement. I hope you’ll join me in setting your intention for and commitment to this crucial period. Chat with your kiddos about what a big deal this is and how immensely proud you are of their journey at KC’s.  Pay attention to the KC's Calendar for dates that are published at least 3-months in advance.

I’m beyond eager to see all our students shining brightly on this special day. Together, let's make these milestones not just memorable but absolutely electrifying for our KC’s family. They’ve more than earned it.


See you on the mat, 
Master Conover



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