Here's How I Remember 2020

Here's How I Remember 2020

Today, as I write this on New Year's Eve, let’s not say "good riddance" to a year that we lived or characterize it as merely “having survived”. Take today to reminisce on and celebrate the unique and beautiful moments you were afforded by our changed daily lives. Be reminded of how you thrived! Did you complete a household project? Did you spend more time with loved ones? Were you forced to get creative in living life? Did you continue to set goals and achieve them? Did you celebrate a graduation, birthday, or anniversary? What were your best moments of 2020?


For me at home and on the personal side, I refinished my kitchen cabinets, celebrated my 50th birthday last week, celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary in October and got to travel (a little) with my husband using new travel hacks and earnings. I watched my son compete as a member of a world champion karate team, graduate high school, head off to college, and get himself a job that didn’t have to do with “Mom’s business”. I cheered on my daughter as she earned her 4th Degree Black Belt and the title of Master like a boss (alongside me when I earned my 5th). She is a rockstar 8th grade math teacher, a real hero in helping the at-risk children of her school district. 


In my work life, I led my martial arts studio through another successful year in business - including continuing to facilitate, creatively, black belt testing, color belt advancements with outdoor red carpet style graduation ceremonies, training camps, online and live classes, and tournaments. I even figured out a way to have our annual Christmas celebrations and fundraisers, complete with safe Santa visits for the kids, as is our tradition.


Yes, many have lost in 2020. I, myself, lost my step-Mom this year. I loved her so. I continue to have an overwhelmingly grateful heart for the year that I’ve lived, as she would’ve counseled all of us to do. And, like when the song Auld Lang Syne muses the rhetorical question “should old acquaintance be forgot?” Of course not. We will never forget this most unique and challenging year or the hardships or people in it. It’s just...I encourage you to remember it through the lens of the beauty that encompasses the entire picture of our amazing lives.


Here’s to another incredible year ahead for all of us in 2021!

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